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CHWB Virtual Book Club: Firefly Culture (Week 3)

Originally hosted on May 4, 2020: A four-week series that runs on 4/20, 4/27, 5/4 and 5/11. This virtual book club is designed to be an effective, proven and practical way of introducing mindfulness in the workplace. It is designed to inspire, motivate and empower all team members, with an emphasis on cultivating authentic, innovative and compassionate leadership. Whether you’re managing a professional team or acting as a caregiver, each of us assumes a leadership role in some capacity in our day-to-day lives. This program is for everyone.

During the course of the four-week book club, led by Certified Meditation Instructor Camille Sacco, you’ll learn formal and informal practices of mindfulness, the seven attitudes of mindfulness as well as mindful meditations that will strengthen your state of mind and help you develop focus. These practices will improve decision making and communication skills so you can work with clarity of purpose and a balanced mind.
For those in leadership roles, investing in your team members emotional and energetic wellness is an opportunity to increase productivity and ultimately, profitability. Employees perform at a higher level when they feel positive and supported. This book club will give you practical tips and simple tools to help navigate and manage stressful situations more effectively and with ease.

Each week consists of clear, concise guidance on how to practice mindfulness, along with meditations based on the principals from the highly successful Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program. At the end of the four week series, it is hoped you will have mastered how to pay attention to the present moment, how to recognize your feelings and emotions and how to keep them under control, especially when faced with highly stressful situations.

Each participant will be asked to purchase a paperback or e-book copy of Camille Sacco’s new book “Firefly Culture: Illuminate Your Workplace by Tuning in to Mindfulness,” and should be prepared to discuss one chapter each session of the four week series.

About Camille Sacco, Certified Meditation Instructor & Author
Camille Sacco is an American Institute of Health Care Professionals certified Mindfulness Coach and Meditation Instructor and a graduate of the acclaimed Palouse Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. She is also the author of two self-help books: “Firefly Culture: Illuminate Your Workplace by Tuning in to Mindfulness” and “Hippiebanker: Bringing Peace, Love and Spirituality to the Workplace.

Camille leads classes and workshops on mindful meditations and her coaching sessions are infused with down-to-earth guidance. She is both informative and fun in her approach.

Camille explains, “I want my clients to feel comfortable so I create a learning atmosphere that is warm, relaxing and inviting. My goal is to help people tap into the wisdom of their soul by cultivating daily practices that will inspire confidence in the pursuit of living their lives with a higher purpose.”

Camille also has a 20-year career as a banker and currently serves as a multi-site bank manager for a large financial institution. Over the course of her career as a banker, she has won numerous awards for profitability as well as for customer and employee experiences. She has opened four branch offices for her employer and is proud to point out that her accomplishments and accolades are a direct result of her commitment to her practice of mindful leadership.

Visit Camille’s website at

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