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The Generation Gap

Digital Education Programming Presented by the
Center for Health & Wellbeing

Do you often feel like your colleagues who are older or younger than you, or maybe even your own family members, are speaking a different language? Are some of your messages lost in an age gap translation? Knowing how to effectively communicate with those outside our direct peer group is a critical part of successfully navigating any relationship, from the board room to the kitchen table.

In this program, you’ll learn more about the different generations, different leadership and communication styles for each group, and how to best get along with different generations. With program presenter Dr. Stacey Malaret, the director for the LEAD Scholars Academy who holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, you’ll explore the differences between the silent generation, baby boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and Gen Z and how this effects leadership differences, work ethic, personality and roles. This topic is important for anyone engaged in multi-generational environments.

About Your Program Presenter
Dr. Stacey Malaret is originally from Orlando, Florida, and attended the University of Southern Mississippi for her B.A. degree in Psychology. She then graduated in 1998 from the University of Central Florida with a M.A. in Counselor Education and in 2007 with her Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She has worked in the student development field since 1999.

Dr. Malaret is the current director for the LEAD Scholars Academy and has worked at UCF since 2001 with LEAD as assistant director, associate director and now as the director since 2010. She also teaches for the College of Community Innovation and Education for the Higher Education and Student Personnel program and Strategies for Success each semester. Dr. Malaret also teaches one to three courses in Leadership Studies each semester for LEAD Scholars Academy. Stacey also serves as a dissertation committee member and chair for several students each term with City University of Seattle. Her research interests include leadership development, gender studies, anti-hazing initiatives and high impact practices. She resides in Winter Park with her husband, Pedro, and 12-year-old twins who are seventh graders at Glenridge Middle School.

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