Introducing the Wellbeing Network

The Wellbeing Network is a way for the community to access resources, education and information offered at the Center for Health & Wellbeing.

The Power of Teamwork

What does it take to break a world record? The willingness to try. Meet four former college swimmers who decided to jump back in the pool after decades away from the sport -- and when they were in their 80s and 90s. See how these four men inspired each other to show up at practice and hold each other accountable.

A Centenarian's Secrets to Happiness

At the age of 101, Roselio Muniz is still physically active, still actively engaged in the lives of his family members and still curious about the world around him. See the daily habits that he believes have helped him stay vibrant into his 100s.

Use Your Brain to Change Your Age

Famed physician and psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen shares some of his best brain healthy habits and explains how to slow or reverse the damage you’ve done to yourself. He says it's simpler than you think to slow or even reverse your brain's aging process.

Never Stop Moving

Perhaps no one personifies the benefits of the importance of physical wellbeing than Ann Kahl, an 86-year-old runner who inspires everyone she passes on the course.

Working Hard to Make a Difference

After she retired from her office job, Martha Cole realized she suddenly had a lot more time to make a difference in the world around her. So she rolled up her sleeves and learned how to build houses through Habitat for Humanity.