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Mining the Silver Lining with Bob Kodzis

When was the last time you felt this shell-shocked by life’s events? Quite possibly, never. It’s a constant, long-term barrage of ever-escalating risks and ever-changing rules. What we need right now, more than anything, is a dose of perspective and a new way of looking at this whole experience.

That’s why our friend, life coach and happiness guru Bob Kodzis will share his best thoughts on how to deal with these times of massive change, stress and uncertainty.

Bob shares his “Mining the Silver Lining,” a funny, inspirational talk full of great ideas to help you through the pandemic and whatever future game changers show up at your door. This session will last 45 minutes then Bob will be happy to answer any of your questions via the chat box on Zoom.
This program is provided free, as a gift to our community members, from the Center for Health and Wellbeing and Bob Kodzis.

About Bob Kodzis
Bob Kodzis is a different kind of professional. He is an award-winning visual artist, an improv performer and teacher, a master facilitator, trainer, a nationally recognized writer, emcee and keynote speaker. He is also the founder and principal of Flight of Ideas, Incorporated, a creative think tank and force for community impact and change. For more than 30 years, Bob has been helping world class organizations to plan for the future, find the fun, create innovative ways to work together, and unleash their group genius. Bob has earned the trust and respect of powerhouse organizations like Uber, NASA, The Federal Reserve, Universal Studios, The Orlando Magic, Walt Disney World, Siemens, Nielsen, Wal-Mart, and even Vekoma International, the largest rollercoaster manufacturer in the world.

Bob is also a philanthropist who helps an amazing range of good causes and charities to survive and thrive in a chaotic and competitive world. Giving is so important to him, that during 2019, Bob proactively donated more than 60% of his services to not for profit organizations and individuals working to improve the quality of life on this planet. He hopes to do more in 2020. With every project, whether paying or pro-bono, Bob moves closer to realizing his vision of increasing the amount of collaboration, creativity, giving and joy in the world.

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