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How to Become an Architect of Personal Change

Digital Education Programming Presented by the
Center for Health & Wellbeing

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Change is never easy. After all, we’re only human. However, your ability to control your emotions, attention, appetite, and behavior greatly influences not only your health and financial security, but your relationships and professional success. Sometimes we need a new system for change when unhelpful habits repeat themselves again and again. Making time for new habits can foster success, but personal change doesn’t always follow a linear path. In this program, you can learn how to create a framework for personal change from Licensed Mental Health Counselor Alison Issen. Learn the tools and strategies to transform habits little-by-little and empower yourself in building a life that inspires creativity, enhances wellbeing and aligns with your values.

By watching this program, you can expect to:

  • identify strategies to develop positive habits and discourage unhelpful patterns;
  • review how the four stages of the habit cycle have affected your ability to change in the past and learn how to use them to promote successful change;
  • and understand the concept of “self-directed neuroplasticity,” as it relates to intentionally cultivating willpower, focused attention and mindful action to rewire our brain for desired change.

This program is presented by Alison Issen and is hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation.

About the Program Presenter
Alison C. Issen is a licensed mental health counselor and a registered nurse. She recently retired as an outpatient counselor at Orlando Health/University of Florida Health Cancer Center. For several years, she coordinated the Sage-ing Center, a program which encourages and supports adults of all ages, but particularly those in the second half of life to inventory, evaluate and intentionally plan a life of purpose, learning, fulfillment and community service. Issen brought this comprehensive program to the hospice several years ago and developed Hospice of the Comforter’s Quality of Life Education Program. She has taught Psychology at the college level and worked in the field of health and wellness for more than 35 years, including more than 10 years as a hospice nurse and counselor. Her areas of specialty include Stress Management, Grief and Loss, End-of-Life, Aging and Relationships, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy and Positive Psychology. Issen holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida. Beyond her professional life, she is an “extreme gardener” who also volunteers at a local animal shelter and performs with local singing and theatre groups.

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