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Conflict Resolution: What You Can Do

A fact of life is that disagreements between co-workers, partners, family and friends are inevitable. These differences in ideas, opinions and perspectives are important threads in the diverse, vibrant quilt of our lives and often lead to self-exploration and growth. While we may not always agree with those around us, we can acknowledge and understand our differences in a healthy, productive way.

In this program presented by CHWB Wellbeing Guide Sara Wright, you’ll learn how to manage your emotions when in conflict and establish mutual respect; discover how to begin to role model change by using empathy; and discuss useful strategies to assist in resolving conflict.

This program is hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation.

About Your Program Presenter

Sara Wright serves as the Wellbeing Guide for the Center for Health & Wellbeing (CHWB). She works directly with community members in administration of the Wellbeing Survey, a diagnostic tool that encourages reflection on one’s overall wellbeing as related to the Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing (Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical, Social, Emotional, Vocational, Environmental.)

Sara interprets the results of the Wellbeing Survey and creates an individualized plan to help each community member on their personal wellbeing journey. Sara has more than twenty years of professional experience including the following areas of expertise: social services, health education, community relations, management, personal training and fitness coaching. She earned a master’s degree in mental health counseling and two bachelor’s degrees. She is passionate about helping others reach their goals and achieve self-empowerment.

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