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CHILL Chats: Making Space for Anger

When our children experience anger, they are really feeling a host of emotions manifesting as simple rage, a situation that can be compared to an iceberg. Look under the surface of your child’s anger, and what you’ll see is revealing to what is actually going on underneath their emotional waterlines. In this CHILL Chat, watch as CHILL Counselor Emily dives deeper into the complicated nature of anger, discusses why curiosity around our children’s anger is important and shares more about the physiological concepts around the complex emotion. 

Anger Iceberg >>>

Watch Dr. Dan Siegel talk more about the Hand Model of the Brain >>>

Supported by the Winter Park Health Foundation, CHILL— Community Help & Intervention in Life’s Lessons —is a free counseling program for students in public schools serving Winter Park, Eatonville, Maitland, Florida, and neighboring areas who need help with issues such as grief and loss, divorce, low self-esteem, anger management and depression.

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