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Boosting Mental Wellbeing & Resilience

Now more than ever, our mental wellbeing is being tested. We’re experiencing stress, anxiety, sadness and for some, hopelessness over the current state of affairs. How do we stay hopeful, positive and functioning in these challenging times? In this program presented by licensed mental health counselor Jill Hamilton Buss, you’ll learn strategies to boost your mental wellbeing and resilience now and post-COVID.

About Your Program Presenter

Jill Hamilton Buss is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who works with clients in a holistic way to create optimal wellbeing for mind and body. She offers traditional in-office psychotherapy, life coaching and “Walk and Talk Therapy.” She previously served as the Executive Director of Healthy Central Florida, an initiative to make our communities the healthiest in the nation. She holds master’s degrees from Rollins College and the University of Florida in mental health counseling and communications, respectively, and was named one of Winter Park’s Most Influential People in 2016.

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