The Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing

So, what can we do to help ourselves feel more energized, balanced, ready to take on life’s challenges at any age? The quick answer, and the one usually emphasized, is “take care of your physical and emotional wellbeing.” Certainly, those two dimensions in life are very important, but when doctors, researchers and universities have looked more closely at what it is that really impacts the wholeness and quality of our life, seven dimensions emerge.

Physical Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing consists of building physical strength, flexibility, and endurance. It involves personal responsibility, disease prevention, and personal safety. It is about nutritious eating and abstaining from harmful habits such as drug use and alcohol abuse. It means taking care of yourself so that you not only add years to your life but enhance the enjoyment and quality of those years.

Move More. Eat Better.

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Intellectual Wellbeing

Intellectual wellbeing encourages creative, stimulating activities. It means having an active mind and one open to learning new things. It involves listening, studying, thinking, and choosing activities that keep your brain cell connectors active and happy.

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Environmental Wellbeing

Environmental wellbeing is an awareness of the effects your daily habits have on the environment around you. It involves being socially responsible in protecting the environment, being aware of your footprint where you live, in the community, and on the earth.

Love the Earth.

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Vocational Wellbeing

Vocational wellbeing is all about developing and sharing your gifts, skills, and talents, which in turn enriches your life. It means finding satisfaction and meaning at work or when volunteering and projecting a positive attitude about what you are doing.

Live with Purpose.

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Social Wellbeing

Social wellbeing refers to your ability to interact successfully with others. It includes showing respect for others and yourself. It includes possessing good communication skills, developing deeper friendships, and creating a network of support of family and friends.

Connect with Others.

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Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing encompasses optimism, self-esteem, self-acceptance and inner peace. It involves having and expressing human emotions such as happiness, sadness, and anger. It means having the capacity to love and be loved, coping with life’s challenges, practicing mindfulness, and working towards a feeling of self-fulfillment in life.

Practice Gratitude.

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Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual wellbeing involves possessing a set of spiritual beliefs or values that help direct your life. It means developing and nurturing a high level of faith, hope, and commitment to your core values. It is a willingness to seek meaning and purpose in human existence and to appreciate things that cannot be readily explained or understood.

Nourish Your Soul.

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